Monday, April 14, 2008

Wow! Has it really been that long?

Whoah! Five months already! Lets see. . . here are my excuses. . . I have been busy with school, and mothering, and looking for a job, trying to loose weight, trying to get organized. Yeah, lame excuses, I know. Well, Todd, Michael and I were in Utah at the end of March, my mom and Russ were there too. When they go to Utah they usually have a night where all of their kids and grandkids come to their hotel, eat go swimming play games and hang out. Anyways on this particular night I promised Susan (Chris's very talented wife) (check out the link to her blog) I would update my blog at least once a month. So here goes. . .

As I was laying in bed trying to ignore the incredibly loud snore coming from my husband I started thinking about all of these things I could blog about, but since those were thoughts of a sleep deprived woman, I am going to narrow it down.

As many of you know. . . not that I wanted anyone to know (because of the expectations that I thought all of you would have and the judgements that I thought you would place on me for not meeting those expectations) In September of 2007 I had Lapband Surgery and, since you know, I thought I would go ahead and update you all on my success and my struggles. I am hoping that there will be great success and few struggles.

When I went in for surgery I weighed 299, one pound more than I weighed just before Michael was born. Right after he was born I weighed in at 275. I thought with breast feeding and dieting I was going to really loose weight. HA! Anyhow, after surgery when I went for my first follow up I had lost 11 pounds. I couldn't beleive it! It had only been 3 or 4 weeks, I had felt like I hadn't had to work at it at all! I was so happy I cried. With lapband for the first week I could eat only liquids then move on to puree and no more than half a cup. Before the surgery I didn't think this was possible to eat half a cup and feel full. It was amazing. After about a month and a half I was able to eat regular foods, minus a few things that get caught and make me vomit or choke.

At 3 months I was cleared to really start working out, not just walking anymore. At that time I had signed up for classes at CBC and was taking fitness lab. I worked out 4 times a week for an hour. One day this girl tells me she had been working out for a week and had lost 8 pounds. WOW that got me excited thinking I had this advantage and was going to loose at least 8 pounds. AT this time my weight loss to date was 32 pounds. After two weeks of working out I stood on the scale, excited about the number I was about to see. . . 272. . . What the $#&@! I had gained 4 pounds! I was so angry the next week I worked out only doing cardio.

Muscle weighs more than fat. . . right?

I got over my anger and I thought I had figured out the work out schedule that would work for me. An hour of just cardio one day and the next and half hour on the circuit followed by a half hour of cardio. My goal was to get down to 250 by the end of the quarter. That didn't work out. I am sitting at 262. Since I am not in school this quarter and because Todd wants to loose 40 pounds before the reunion, we joined the court club. I have started doing Club Max (circuit) and H2O Cardio.

Before surgery they do a lot of "prep work" they have presentations and classes that you have to go to. At these classes they said that typical results are to loose 50-75% of the excess weight in 2 years. That the first 2 years have the best results. So I would guess that I am right on track. This isn't an easy weight loss solution. But it is working. . . slowly but surely.

Because of this 2 years being most important to concentrate on loosing the weight they recommend not getting pregnant. So in case anyone wonders when Todd and I will be trying to have a baby that will be in September of 2009. Which if we are lucking right off the bat we'll have another June baby and Michael will be almost 4.

Well there is a blog, I am still a woman of my word. lol I will update you on my success as it continues.

Oh, best thing so far my knees don't hurt anymore and I can walk up the stairs like a normal person. Hoping to be able to walk down them normally soon.