Saturday, October 27, 2007

Michael grew up in a day!

Cindy told me that once kids get their first hair cuts they grow up. On Wednesday Michael got his first hair cut. I did it. It was so hard taking that first cut and getting rid of those sweet curls. But Grandma said when she takes him to the store with her, people think he is a girl. So, I just went ahead and did it.

That same day we got Michael a potty chair, he peed it in 3 times. He was so excited! As we all were. I am hoping this is the last box of diapers. He also grew 2 inches taller and has been getting a molar!

Everytime I look at Michael since his haircut I see a little boy, and I wonder were my little baby went. . . . has it really been that long already? He truely is growing up so fast!

I finally figured out how to post the pics. I took a before and after of the hair cut. The left one is the after the right the before. (I know they are not in order but at least I got them up)

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Discovery of Flies

So yesterday I made vegetable tempura and I had the oil too hot so the house filled with smoke from the burning tempura. I opened some windows and doors and turned on the fan. While the windows were open I inadvertently let in a few flies. They have been driving everyone nuts today. . . . except for Michael.

I am pretty sure he had never seen a fly before today. . . We were in the kitchen and Michael was playing in the cupboards with the pots and pans. When suddenly he stopped what he was doing and got down to crawl. He was looking very intently at the oven. I looked over and saw a fly crawling across the oven door. Michael crawled towards it and it flew to another cupboard. Again Michael crawled towards it, and again it flew to another cupboard. This went on for a couple of minutes. Michael was very intrigued by this new little creature.

Later, he was in the living room playing with his toys and he looked up at the ceiling fan. He has a thing for ceiling fans but they usually need to be on and spinning for him to care. The fan was not on. There were two flies flying from one fan blade to another. Again Michael watched with amusement. Then Grandpa came home and the flies were forgotten.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Our Tough Brave Boy

So, I wanted to start blogging because I thought it would be like journaling, and I thought it would be cool for Michael to have. The other day I had the chance to read through some of my old journals, I noticed I have a pattern when journaling. I don't write for months or even years and then when I do write, I try to recap everything that happened in the time that past. I almost started doing that here, but decided that I will start with the present, if I feel the need to refer to the past then I will do so at that time.

Today was a stressful day! Michael and I had doctors appointments. He had his blood drawn from his arm for the first time. He was such a tough brave boy. He of course was flirting with the nurse, laughing, making faces, and giving away kisses. He does the cutest thing right now where he suddenly wants kisses, he looks at you, presses his lips together and says "mmmmmm" when you pucker up and "mmmmmm" back he comes running over and gives you a big kiss. It's so adorable! Anyhow, he was flirting with the nurse and we had him pinned down on the table he thought it was a game until he felt that needle go into his arm then he looked at me, like "what are you letting them do to me?" I felt so bad! He then looked at the nurse with a "I don't like you anymore" look. Then he started to cry, hold his breath and pass out. I blew in his face so he wouldn't pass out. (He has been a breath holder from the minute he was born. He was a cesarean birth and as soon as he could breathe he took one breathe let out a big scream then stopped breathing, turned blue and passed out.) He only cried for a minute and after that it was my turn. He sat on my lap while I got my blood drawn, and looked attentively at everything the nurse was doing. . .Perhaps we have a future doctor or maybe just a ladies man with a fetish for nurses. LOL Before we left he was back smiling laughing and giving away kisses. . .