Saturday, October 27, 2007

Michael grew up in a day!

Cindy told me that once kids get their first hair cuts they grow up. On Wednesday Michael got his first hair cut. I did it. It was so hard taking that first cut and getting rid of those sweet curls. But Grandma said when she takes him to the store with her, people think he is a girl. So, I just went ahead and did it.

That same day we got Michael a potty chair, he peed it in 3 times. He was so excited! As we all were. I am hoping this is the last box of diapers. He also grew 2 inches taller and has been getting a molar!

Everytime I look at Michael since his haircut I see a little boy, and I wonder were my little baby went. . . . has it really been that long already? He truely is growing up so fast!

I finally figured out how to post the pics. I took a before and after of the hair cut. The left one is the after the right the before. (I know they are not in order but at least I got them up)