Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Dow Jones up 400+ today

So, I have never paid much attention to the stock market or the economy in general. When I heard talk about foreclosures being at record highs I just thought it was a good opportunity for real estate investors. Then Monday September 15, 2008 happened. Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, Merril Lynch sold to Bank of America and AIG was on its way out. I was actually in a state of panic, reading reports and blogs and trying to find out everything that I could about what was happening. In my mind I pictured another great depression and saw us growing food in the front yard and wearing worn out boots. I was really hoping AIG would be able to pull $85 billion out of the air. I am so glad the government stepped in.
Then Wednesday the Dow fell another 450 points, I was actually watching the stock market channel most of the day, and tears streamed down my cheek when I saw it drop below 10600 not that we have any money in the stock market. But as you may know neither Todd nor myself are currently employed and if the economy falls, I don't see us being able to find work.
President Clinton was on the stock market channel and gave an excellent explanation as to why the government needed to "bailout" AIG.
Today the Dow gained 400 point and I felt a huge sense of relief. Though who knows what will happen, homes are still going into foreclosure.
So family. . . what is our plan? I want to make sure that if we experience the "grapes of wrath" that we lean on each other.

What am I getting so worried about? I need to just calm down and take it "one day at a time"