Monday, June 29, 2009

The power of TV

It amazes me what a boy Michael is! He runs, he yells, he shoots, he makes motorcycle and big truck noises, he picks his nose, he gets into kung fu fighting positions, he pees in the yard. . . I think a lot of it must come from TV. . . I should have done this from the beginning, but I have finally put a huge restriction on what he watches. The kids favorite show used to be SpongeBob Squarepants!!! Now I will admit there is some funny shit on that show, but most of it is soo disgusting! Before the restriction we were watching it while we ate breakfast and SpongeBob got some kind of fungus disease. . . It was soooo disgusting I couldn't eat my breakfast!!!

Now Michael loves watching Super Why and Syd the Science kid on PBS. I work weekday mornings so I don't get to watch them with him, but one episode of Syd the Science Kid that I did see, was all about simple machines. This episode was about levers and it looked like there were more episodes to cover the rest of the simple machines. I was so excited to see that episode! I tutor 6th and 7th graders in science and math and my 7th graders had just finished the section about simple machines. I wonder if they would watch Syd the Science Kid, because they sure seemed like they didn't get it. lol

Now he runs around yelling "Super Why to the rescue!" and "Me Super Michael with the power to help!" His favorite book right now is Let's be Helpful . I am trying to really capitalize on his helpful attitude. He loves vacuuming. ( I really should take advantage of this love a little more)

I suppose I have some more restrictions to enforce, afterall my 3 year olds favorite movie is Mall Cop. . . just today he was walking around saying "mall cop don't drink"
hmmm . . .
On second thought maybe that has some good lessons in there. LOL

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michael is 3!!!

For Michaels birthday this year we took him jet-skiing. He absolutely loves going jet-skiing! He thinks he is the one driving and he loves going on the "bump bumps"

All day long Michael would get really excited, jump up and down and exclaim "its bithdie pah-tee day!" Finally it was time for cake and candles.

We all started singing. . . and before we could finish. . . He blew the candles out! Grandpa re-lit them so that we could finish singing and tell him about birthday wishes.

He couldn't wait to dig in!

Here he is with Grandpa, showing us how old he is now.

Yesterday Michael and I were talking about how old he is again. I had him show me on his fingers. . . he held up 3 fingers and looked at them and said "one, two, tee. . . me almost 4!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Man's (Michael's) Best Friend

The other day I got the camera out to take a pic of something, Michael saw it, and got all excited saying "take my picture Mom" So I followed him outside and this is the pose he took. . .

Then Buddy came along and picture time was over,

and they were off to continue their play in the backyard.

The following pics are from the day before. . . Michael kept bringing me popsicles wanting me to open them for him. So I did, the kid plays outside soo much and I can't get him to drink enough water. . . so I am glad that he will eat popsicles. I was busy doing something, then I hear the silverware drawer open and someone looking for a spoon or something. I go out on the patio to find Michael with a half gallon of ice cream. He took a bite. . .

then gave Buddy a bite.

Luckily the camera was right there, so I took a few shots then quickly took the spoon and the ice cream away.

Michael cried, but Buddy liked it cuz she got the rest of the container of ice cream.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I want Pancakes!

Yesterday morning Michael and I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Then
I went and took my shower and was putting my makeup on when I heard some clanking in the kitchen.

I went into the kitchen to find. . .

Michael washing his hands at the sink with hand sanitizer. and. . .

A trail of pancake mix from the cupboard with the mixing bowls. . .

. . . to the stovetop where he had poured the mix in with water and into the frying pan to cook the pancakes.

Notice the splat of margarine on the floor.

I almost lost it. . . then realized this was a great "kodak moment"

(It took me more than half an hour to clean all this up.)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Michael Loves Kai

Cindy won't let me keep Kai, so I am thinking of adopting a toddler! Michael absolutely adores Kai and loved being the "big brother" while Kai was here! Michael tried to teach him everything he knows and when he wanted Kai's attention he would say in a sweet voice "Elmer Kai come here." and when it didn't work the first time he would say in a stern loud voice "Elmer Kai! Come here!"

The first thing Michael had to teach Kai was how to drive!

Kai didn't quite get what Michael was trying to teach, so Cindy took over.

Kai liked the real thing much better than just driving on Mario Kart!

The next lesson was mowing the lawn. (Michael, corporal punishment was done away with years ago)

Kai was a natural at lawnmowing!

Uh oh! Is it out of gas?

After all the work was done it was time for Grandpas banana pancakes!

MMMM MMMM MMMMMMMMM banana pancakes!