Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michael is 3!!!

For Michaels birthday this year we took him jet-skiing. He absolutely loves going jet-skiing! He thinks he is the one driving and he loves going on the "bump bumps"

All day long Michael would get really excited, jump up and down and exclaim "its bithdie pah-tee day!" Finally it was time for cake and candles.

We all started singing. . . and before we could finish. . . He blew the candles out! Grandpa re-lit them so that we could finish singing and tell him about birthday wishes.

He couldn't wait to dig in!

Here he is with Grandpa, showing us how old he is now.

Yesterday Michael and I were talking about how old he is again. I had him show me on his fingers. . . he held up 3 fingers and looked at them and said "one, two, tee. . . me almost 4!"


Leiser Family said...

This was a very fun day - we all had lots of fun - by Todd

AuntShannon said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Michael! What a cutie-pie! That cake looks yummy and it looks like a good time was had by all! :)

Yearsley Family said...

Happy birthday to Michael! He is such a cute kid!

Cindy said...

how did i miss this! Happy bday we love you! what a smart boy you are!