Monday, June 15, 2009

Man's (Michael's) Best Friend

The other day I got the camera out to take a pic of something, Michael saw it, and got all excited saying "take my picture Mom" So I followed him outside and this is the pose he took. . .

Then Buddy came along and picture time was over,

and they were off to continue their play in the backyard.

The following pics are from the day before. . . Michael kept bringing me popsicles wanting me to open them for him. So I did, the kid plays outside soo much and I can't get him to drink enough water. . . so I am glad that he will eat popsicles. I was busy doing something, then I hear the silverware drawer open and someone looking for a spoon or something. I go out on the patio to find Michael with a half gallon of ice cream. He took a bite. . .

then gave Buddy a bite.

Luckily the camera was right there, so I took a few shots then quickly took the spoon and the ice cream away.

Michael cried, but Buddy liked it cuz she got the rest of the container of ice cream.