Saturday, March 7, 2009

Backseat Driver!

Lately Michael has been doing this thing where he sticks his hand out and yells "stop" whenever I am not listening to him, or getting after him about something. So, the other day, Michael and I are going to the store and I am singing along with the radio. He sticks his hand out and yells "Stop Mommy stop!" I quit singing. Again he sticks his hand out and yells "Stop Mommy stop!" "Too fast!" I then realize he wants me to stop the car. So I explain some traffic rules to him. ie stop at a red light go on a green light.

Now, whenever we come to a red light he tells me to stop. If the light is green he yells "go." I am trying to teach him how lights work when making turns. Because whenever I go to make a right turn at a red light he freaks out yelling "Stop Mommy, red light!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Work Work Work

I think in my last posts I was looking for work. Well, as you may have guessed from my lack of posts, I found work. I am now working at an adult family home 2 24 hour shifts a week and tutoring at a middle school another 24 hours a week. So, I think that has been a good excuse for abandoning my blog.

Just recently I found that there is a wifi connection somewhere near my work, so in the evening when all the patients have gone to bed, I have been able to get online which has been awesome catching up with everyone on Facebook! Anyhow, since I realized this, I will start posting some stories about Michael again. As long as this person keeps their wifi unsecured.

Wishful Wednesday

I am getting back to blogging, I guess. To kick it off I will do a Wishful Wednesday then if I feel like it I will do a lil update, but most importantly I will be posting some more stories about Michael.

1. I have all the energy I need, to do anything I choose!

2. I have all the money I need, to do anything I choose! : )

3. I have all the time I need, to do anything I choose!