Monday, June 1, 2009

Through a Window

Through a window she saw the world

People came and people went
To each one her love she sent
Many things she couldn't do
Like pick her nose or tie her shoe
The things she could, she did the best
The lives she touched she truly blessed
As children, she taught us how to knit,
reading, writing, arithmetic
As we got older, and times were rough
Her life lessons she shared with us
She always lent a listening ear
and in our hearts we hold her dear
She suffered pain and poor health
She lived for others and Not herself
There are no words to express our gratitude
Instead we will live our lives with her good attitude
Through a window she saw the world
Through a window she changed our world

In honor of our aunt, Linda, Cindy and I wrote that poem. Linda's funeral was held today in Springville, Utah. We were unable to go, but we wanted to do something to show Aunt Linda that we care, and to express how grateful we are for all that she is. We love you Aunt Linda and we are so happy for you, that you are now doing cartwheels in heaven!